The Jalopy Jam Up

In the early days of the hobby, true custom Hot Rods and Customs car builders focused on timeless stylistic values that set their cars apart from the rest. They also focused on safety too. Let’s face it if our forefathers back in the day had a chance to have access to a lot of our modern safety features of today of course they would have used them. So this is where we stand.

1. Customs or Lead Sleds with front clips out of another more modern car are ok by us.
2. Disc brakes on Fenderless cars are ok by us too. 
3. Fenderless cars should have an an axle 
4. No Independent Front Suspension on Fenderless Hot Rods 
5. Full Fender Hot Rods we don’t care if they have I .F. S.

Bodies of Hot Rods and Customs:
Let’s face it. We live in Canada and most original steel 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s cars are long gone victims of rust, scrappers, or are way overpriced. We have no problem with fibreglass cars just as long as they resemble pre-64 hot rod that looks the part. 

Paint on Hot Rods and Customs:
1. No easter egg pastel, neon, 80’s style monochromatic paint, painted mural on cars will be permitted in the main show area of the Jalopy Jam Up.
2. Flat black, Flat colors, traditional / factory styled paint colors and schemes are ok by us. 

Tires, Rims and Wheels on Hot Rods and Customs:

We are not going to be sticklers on by-ply tires. Radial tires are fine as long as tires do not have white lettering showing on the outside. That is just plain 70s and 80s and doesn’t fit our show criteria.

1. No low profile tires or rubber band style types of tires. 

Rims and Wheels:
Again we live in Canada. Most wheels that were produced in the 40s 50s and 60s are long gone and eaten by rust or salt that we subject our roads to every winter. 

1. Wheels must be reminiscent to the style of wheels that hot rodders and custom car guys would have used in the 40s, 50s, and mid-60s.
2. No modern style or billet wheels. 

Open Hooded Hot Rods and Customs:
Some traditional shows are sticklers when it comes to open hooded hot rods. We are to a point. Here is where we stand on this. 
1. We are fine with HEI distributors in open hooded hot rods.
2. No billet pulley wheels are serpentine belt set-up with open hooded hot rods. 
3. No multiport TPI/ EFI with open hooded hot rods.

If your Hot Rod has billet pulley wheels or serpentine belt set-ups, TPI or EFI and you still looks traditional you will be directed to an alternative lot. As we have said before. HEI systems are fine.

If your Custom has any of the things mentioned above under the hood we ask you kindly to keep your hood closed on the day of the show for the integrity and respect of what we are trying to accomplish by putting this show on for traditionalists of the hobby. Out of sight out of mind.

If your car doesn’t meet criteria, or is a Rat Rods, Art Cars, Muscle Cars it will be directed to an alternative show lot on the day of the show. Please make sure that your car meets the shows requirements. All vehicles will be subject to a final inspection by the show organizers on the day of the show before entering. If you have any questions or you are not sure that your car meets the stated criteria please don’t hesitate to contact us at We are more than willing to help you out. 
Jay, Brandon and Jeff​